#7 Rocky Statue and the Rocky Stair Run

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#7 Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps Run

Rocky Statue

Half way up the stairs, on the right

By being arguably the greatest sports movie ever made and the most iconic American movie, makes this Rocky Experience a must.

During Rocky’s famous training montage, Rocky runs through numerous Philadelphia landmarks including the Italian Market, but the entire scene is topped off by ending with an epic run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

At the top. Champion.

So visit the statue at the base of the steps and then run up them. Don’t forget to throw some punches and raise your arms in the air when you reach the top.

No picture means it didn’t happen, unless it happened with no picture.

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  • Chris Pechin

    I can hear the music now.

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  • Chris Pechin

    I filmed a segment for Guinness Book of Records Primetime (Fox) on those stairs.  A hand-walker (man who could walk on his hands) was going to set a record for walking on his hands to the top.  Only he found out that was too difficult.  So we regrouped and created a record for racing to the bottom.  That too, was difficult.  Shooting a bunch of different angles, we pulled it off.  Wonder how many times Stallone had to run up there, and how many times he rested on the middle platforms.
    Only blocks away, at 13th and Pine, were the original offices for NFL Films, where I worked three years as a director, and ten as a cameraman.  And so it goes.